AMCO Chemical Superfund Site

Off-Site Residential Air Monitoring

The interactive graph below represents the daily VOC (volatile organic compounds) sensor readings from the AMCO Chemical Superfund Site in Oakland, California. The off-site/residential data is collected at 4 residences along Center Street and 3rd Street. EPA’s privacy policy does not allow the posting of individual data for each house, so the data is combined in one location; however, EPA is monitoring each house separately, and providing information as needed.

Each sensor records readings for TCE (trichloroethylene), PCE (tetrachloroethylene), and Vinyl Chloride. Results from all off-site/residential air monitoring sensors are displayed below. For more information on the clean up process, visit the EPA OSC website.

The map to the left indicates the general area in which all off-site/residential sensors are located. Click the map to return to the full Overview Map.
Final Readings

Hover over any line on the graph to see the exact time and value of the sensor reading. Click on any item in the legend to add or remove the corresponding sensor's data from the graph.

Off-Site Residential Air Monitors